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Dear Cough That Will Not Go Away,

Hey, old friend. First, I have to congratulate you on your reliability and persistence. I mean, man. You’ve really stuck around. Other illnesses, they come and go as they please but not you, cough, no. You are here on a consistent basis. You’ve become something I can really rely on.

You started as a tickle at night. You were a warning sign. I thought I could drink some water and suppress you. I’m sorry for doubting your power. I’m sorry for not taking you seriously though you’ve certainly shown me that was a huge mistake. Haha. Like, remember when I tried that cough spray from CVS and you were all, “Nope?” Good times, right? I was so naive back then.

Then, you started coming full-force in the night. I didn’t think we were at that point in our relationship but when it happened…

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