The Power in Knowledge


As I spoke of on my “Dear 2014” post I have been recording everything I eat and drink as well as all exercise I complete. I am using MyFitnessPal so I get to track my weight too and it’s all in one place – I’ve used it before and it is really a good app – the best I have come across and to help stop my poor diet and eating ways I’ve decided to use it again to get myself back on track.

Ironically, since using the app I’ve had very little snacking and binge eating and to top it off I’ve started doing more cardio. I find it funny how usually I couldn’t careless what or when I eat but since using the app again I am now conscious without being full aware. I only noticed when I scrolled back through the past couple of days and there was no cheese, coca-cola or Doritos any more.

Does anyone else find once they start noticing and taking note of what they eat they start being more wary and careful of what they pile in? Do you start exercising more?


10 thoughts on “The Power in Knowledge

  1. I definitely eat better when I know I have to enter it into MFP after! Doesn’t get me to exercise more though because I mostly do strength training and tracking it in there is just not worth it

    • I found Fitocracy is excellent for weight training as I do a lot of that. I do way more cardio once I’m on MFP!

      It’s good to know I’m not alone but I think I need to start using it more religiously as I sneak a lot of cheese and potatoes into my meals otherwise!

      How often do you use it? x

      • Yeah I’ve tried fitocracy as well but again, it was just a pain to put in all those sets and reps! I tend to go to the gym and just “wing it” and lift things until it hurts sooo I don’t exactly keep track! lol

        I only use MFP when I am trying to stay low-carb… Which I will be doing again in January so hopefully I will use it all month during my 21 day sugar detox!

      • Definitely agree but my competitive side comes out when I use it as I want to beat my personal best every time!

        I can;t imagine being low carb or low sugar (my two main food groups!) I love Coca-Cola and couldn’t see my life without it and feel awful if I cut out sugar and caffeine! I use a lot of caffeine before my work out too!

        Good luck with your detox..may be one day I won;t find an excuse and will do it myself! x

      • Yeah when I was training for a half-marathon last yeah I used it a lot more for that same reason (and just to track my runs!)

        Low-carb/low-sugar is so invigorating, I have never had more energy (which sounds like the opposite of what you’d expect, but sugar/carbs give you spikes, not sustained energy).

        I’m giving away a copy of the book I’m following if you are interested – link is in my latest post! Maybe someday you can give it a try after reading it!

      • Wow, running is one thing I just cannot do – well done!

        I live for the spikes and fear the come downs! I saw the link when I read your latest post and I will have a look online – unfortunately I’m in the UK so can’t enter the competition but I am following you so I will keep track and look at giving it a try.

        I’ve managed to do 3 days “cold turkey” of sugar and caffeine! Maybe that should be a 2014 resolution! 🙂

      • I can’t do it anymore… That half marathon KILLED my passion for running! lol

        Yeah those come downs are the worst! That’s too bad you are in the UK 😦 Maybe my next giveaway will be international… I’m shipping this one myself so gotta save the shipping costs lol

        That’s definitely a start – you should try it for at least a week or two!

      • Lol I just can’t run! I run like Woody from Toy Story!

        That’s ok it costs a fortune to ship international! I have family in America and we just do cards instead – much cheaper!

        I’ll let you know how I get on 🙂 when I pluck up the courage

  2. Tara

    I’ll have to check out this app. I have very little success when just watching what I eat or exercising alone. It’s really doing both that can actually make a pretty big difference. Thanks for posting about this, I need something to keep me going and track my progress.

    • Fitness is important in making you feel a sense of accomplishment although it can take some months to ever feel the accomplishment in the first place.

      I hope you find the apps helpful, they are the best that I have found in terms of accuracy and also user friendly

      Thanks for reading x

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