Inside New Jersey’s Abandoned Greystone Psychiatric Hospital with Zhenya Grinshteyn


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(Photos by Zhenya Grinshteyn)

Amazing, AMAZING photos today from by photographer Zhenya Grinshteyn exploring the soon-to-be demolished Greystone Psychiatric Hospital in Morris Plains, New Jersey.

Check out more photos, and some background on the buildings, below…

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Thought Catalog


Dear Cough That Will Not Go Away,

Hey, old friend. First, I have to congratulate you on your reliability and persistence. I mean, man. You’ve really stuck around. Other illnesses, they come and go as they please but not you, cough, no. You are here on a consistent basis. You’ve become something I can really rely on.

You started as a tickle at night. You were a warning sign. I thought I could drink some water and suppress you. I’m sorry for doubting your power. I’m sorry for not taking you seriously though you’ve certainly shown me that was a huge mistake. Haha. Like, remember when I tried that cough spray from CVS and you were all, “Nope?” Good times, right? I was so naive back then.

Then, you started coming full-force in the night. I didn’t think we were at that point in our relationship but when it happened…

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Thought Catalog

Last week I wrote a piece called “If We Talked About Men Like We Talked About Women,” that highlighted the gender discourse of criticism in our country. I used media politics as an avenue to explore the everyday realities that women must navigate. Most of the feedback was positive, but a number of commenters felt that the ways in which we shittalk men and women were equal. “Men get criticized, too!” rang the dissenting opinion. Someone even posted in an anti-feminism Reddit about it. It’s called “Anti-Feminism.” Clever, y’all.

I felt that the dissension was worth engaging, because I feel like men do get criticized, but in a very different way. Whereas we look to take down women and invalidate their perspectives, we often make excuses for men or let them off the hook. Although one mistake or flaw can ruin an actress’ career (see: aging), men get an infinite…

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Msde me giggle

Thought Catalog

1. You can dance.

Now before all of you start coming at me from every corner of Reddit to cut me off at the pass of my misandry, fedoras clutched in your gnarled fingers and neckbeards springing forth from your quivering underchin like a thousand resilient dandelions, hold on. I don’t mean that those who are incapable of getting past the first two rounds of So You Think You Can Dance are destined to remain shriveled virgins. We don’t all have to be the non-horrific version of Chris Brown when it comes to moving our feet along a dance floor. However, if you are the kind of person who is determined to stay glued against the wall while everyone else is having fun and being silly, I don’t know how your hips would do if naked and horizontal. I don’t have high hopes for them, though.

2. Your sexuality isn’t…

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A while ago, I came across this gem of a quote while listening to an interview with Ira Glass on one of my regular podcasts, WTF with Marc Maron. As the topic of fashion was broached, Glass had this to say:

Then I quickly throw on some clothes — the same outfit every day, pretty much. It’s just… I hate shopping because I hate myself and I don’t know what clothes to wear. And I get into an existential crisis when I have to choose clothes because I think ‘Well who am I, that I would wear this shirt rather than this one.’ I’m not proud of that… There was a period about 10 years ago where I would have to get drunk in order to buy clothes.

I think about this all the time, probably because this pretty closely captures how I feel when buying clothes. Shopping is…

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The Belle Jar

1. Assume that you are loved.

2. Assume that those who love you find some kind of value in you and the things you do.

3. Assume, however, that you don’t need to be valuable in order to be worthy of love.

4. Assume that there is no one out there keeping a tally of all of your failings, ready to throw it in your face when you’re either feeling too good or too awful about yourself.

5. Assume that if anyone actually is keeping a tally of all your failings, that act says more about them than it does about you.

6. Assume that you can’t make all of the people happy all of the time; maybe not even some of the people some of the time.

7. Assume that you will, over the course of your life, sometimes anger or disappoint the people you love.

8. Assume that…

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